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Installed hand carved onlays and moulding add decorative accent to this fireplace installation. Hand-carved detail of center balanced acanthus onlays OLCB GW-65 provides visual focus and support for acanthus dental crown moulding MDCR DC-09.  The combination of architectural molding with decorative onlays, hand-carved moulding, molding, architectural moulding, hand carved crown moulding accents openings and flat surfaces.

Center balanced acanthus onlay OLCB GW-65
Acanthus dental crown moulding MDCR DC-09

Center balanced acanthus onlays OLCB GW-175 with Acanthus crown moulding MDCR DC-17. Installed hand carved onlays work as a transitional decorative element together with hand-carved moulding used as crown or to frame pictures.

Frame - Acanthus crown moulding
Middle - Center balanced acanthus onlay OLCB GW-175
Border - Egg and dart panel moulding MDPL DC-20
Top - Acanthus crown moulding MDCR DC-12

Hand carved acanthus corner onlays OLCR GW-303 installed as decorative onlays for inset panels.  Hand-carved corner onlays complement architectural moulding used for trim.

Acanthus corner onlay OLCR GW-303

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