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About Architectural Adornments, Inc.


Artistic vision and technical expertise are essential in reviving the essence of classical ornamentation. AAI's founder and master wood craftsman William H. Lutes integrates both attributes to create exquisite carvings of elegant balance, proportion and beauty.

Mr. Lutes, recognized as one of the foremost woodworking artisans in the United States, has been creating stunning, award winning interior wood spaces for over 30 years at Lutes Custom Woodworking and Design Consultants.

With creative and experienced vision Mr. Lutes has designed and selected carvings for the collection that will enhance the aesthetics of structures and furniture. Each design draws on the inspiration of one of the great design periods from the Byzantine, Gothic and Baroque to the French Empire, Georgian, Victorian or the Arts and Crafts Periods.

Architectural Adornments' woodcarvers received their training in China's famed Zhejiang Province, honing their skills under the tutelage of revered Master Carvers preserving a thousands year-old tradition in wood artistry. William Lutes has continued to train his woodcarvers in western woodworking skills to ensure the compatibility of the two disciplines. Because of this rigorous training ground and AAI's passionate attention to aesthetics, transcendent artistry has been achieved through refined proportion, graceful lines, crisp detailing and dramatic depth.

Great care is taken to select clear, straight grain wood best suited for this fine craft. The wood is also selected from timber managed under strict guidelines designed for minimum environmental impact and sustainable harvest.

  Welcome to Architectural Adornments' historic world of carvings in wood.










  The products offered in this online catalog or special ordered from Architectural Adornments are warranted for the following:
  1. The product is guaranteed to match the quality of artistic craftsmanship displayed in the representative samples or photos of this product.
2. Glue bonds in laminated pieces are guaranteed not to delaminate under normal conditions, in interior usage, free of excess heat and moisture.
3. Lines do not deform and angles do not miss accuracy over one degree.
The product warranty extends for one year after final purchase of the product and is limited to replacement of the product; no cash refunds will be extended.









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